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Two Medicine Fight Site (1806) - A Lewis and Clark Expedition Camp established in July 1806 on the present-day Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Pondera County, Montana. Named Two Medicine Fight Site after the nearby Two Medicine River and a fight between a Meriwether Lewis party and hostile Blackfeet Indians. Two Blackfeet Indians were killed in this encounter and Lewis' party quickly abandoned the site and rejoined the main party.


After departing Camp Disappointment on 26 Jul 1806, Captain Meriwether Lewis and three men encountered a party of eight Piegan Blackfeet Indians and made camp with them along the Two Medicine River on their way back to Maria's River. The Blackfeet Indians were caught trying to steal weapons and supplies and in the resulting fight, two Blackfeet Indians were killed.

Captain Lewis and his party quickly abandoned the camp on 27 Jul 1806 and set out on horseback to rejoin the main party as quickly as possible. Lewis described the country they traveled "as level as a bowling green" and they made good progress toward the Missouri River where they hoped to intercept the main portage party. On 28 Jul 1806, they first heard gunshots, and then, upon reaching the banks of the Missouri River, they spotted the portage party coming down the Missouri River. The horses were set free and the reunited party floated down to the Maria's River Camp where they would meet up with other members who had come overland.

At the Maria's River Camp they recovered the cached items and one of the river boats. Some of the cached items had been damaged or destroyed by high water. Captain Lewis' party was fully reunited and they quickly prepared to float further down Missouri to meet Clark's party.

Current Status

Not open to the public. On the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Location: On the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Pondera County, Montana.
About 23 miles southwest of Cut Bank, Montana.

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Lat: 48.46667 Long: -112.46667

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  • Elevation: 3,632'

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  • MT0205 - Two Medicine Fight Site

Visited: No

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