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UPX-6 Long Range IFF/SIF Radar Recognition Set - A Long Range IFF/SIF Radar Recognition set built by Radio Receptor, Inc.

Radar Recognition Set UPX-6 is part of the target identification equipment for a radar set in an IFF system. The UPX-6 is a receiver-Transmitter that transmits coded rf pulses to airborne transponder identification sets and then converts the transponder reply to video pulses. The video pulses can be displayed on radar indicators or processed by digital equipment. The UPX-6 has the ability to interrogate any targets detected by its associated radar equipment.

The receiver and transmitter are tuned by changing operating crystals and by manual screwdriver adjustments adjacent to these crystals. The transmitter is factory aligned for 1020 MHz operation, although its overall tuning range is 990 MHz to 1040 MHz. The receiver is similarly factory aligned (at 1100 MHz), and may be tuned for any frequency between 1080 MHz and 1130 MHz.

The UPX-6 is compatible with Coder-Decoder Croups: OA-1266, OA-1267, OA-1268, OA-1269, OA-1271, OA-1272, 0A-2397, OA-2605, GPA-78 or GPA-64.

UPX-6 Radar Recognition Set

UPX-6 Radar Recognition Set
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature UPX-6
Cost $ 2,775
Manufacturer Radio Receptor, Inc.
TX Frequency 990-1040 mc
RX Frequency 1080-1130 mc
PRF 180-120 pps
Pulse Width 1us
Power Output 1.5kw
Power Input 120 V @ 60 or 400 Cps, 218 watts
UPX-6 Radar Recognition Set

UPX Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
Radar Recognition Set UPX-6 1 11 15 21 77lb

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  • MIL-HDBK-162A, 15 Dec 1965.


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