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Fort Buxton (1754-1763) - A French & Indian War settlers's fortification first established as Woodman's Fort in 1754 near Buxton, York County, Maine. Abandoned as a military fortification circa 1763. Assigned Location ID ME00088.

Fort Buxton Annotated Location Map.


This fort was established by a vote of the local Proprietors on 29 May 1754 in response to threats of attacks from the French and their Indian Allies at the beginning of the French & Indian War. The war actually began in the region in 1755 but this fort was never attacked.

The Proprietors voted to pay William Hancock Eight Pounds to build "a fort or garrison" at the Township within 20 days. The fort was to have a forty-foot square Stockade with logs set three and a half feet into the ground and rising ten feet above the ground, double set. The stockade was to have two watch boxes at opposing corners.

As-built the fort was said to be annexed to the home of Captain Joseph Woodman at Point Pleasant on Lot 11, Range B, First Division. Initially known as Woodman's Fort, later historians assigned the name Fort Buxton.

Although a specific date of closure is not available it can be assumed that the fall of Quebec in September 1759 signaled an end to the extreme concern about attacks and by the surrender of Detroit in 1760 most people felt the war was over. The Treaty of Paris in 1763 formally ended the war and by then the fort was most probably not used for military purposes.

Current Status

No visible remains of the fort or the House.

Location: Along Simpson Road near
Point Pleasant Park, Buxton, York County, Maine.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.58621 Long: -70.55101

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