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Camp Robert B. Smith (1898-1898) - A Spanish American War muster & assembly camp established in 1898 near Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Montana. Named Camp Robert B. Smith after Montana Governor Robert B. Smith. Abandoned in 1898. Also known as Camp Smith.


Established in 1898 as a Spanish American War muster and assembly camp for Montana volunteers. Montana Governor Smith authorized the organization of the First Regiment of Montana Volunteers on 2 May 1898. The unit was mustered in Helena, Montana on 5-10 May 1898, they left the U.S. for service in the Philippines on 18 July 1898, and arrived in Manila on 24 Aug 1898.

From 4 to 16 May 1898 the Regiment was camped northwest of Helena about a mile north of the Broadwater Hotel. The site was named Camp Robert B. Smith after the Governor. This first site lacked proper drainage and prolonged rains led to its abandonment. A new camp of the same name was established on the northern slope of Mount Helena near the city's western suburbs.

Abandoned 25 May 1898 when the First Montana Volunteer Regiment departed Montana.

Current Status


Location: Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Montana.

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Lat: 46.5902778 Long: -112.0666667

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  • Elevation: 5,279'

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  • MT0185 - Camp Robert B. Smith
  • MT0183 - Camp Smith (2)

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