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Fort Roots (1893-1917) - A U.S. Army post established in 1893 by Act of Congress in Pulaski County, Arkansas. Named for Bvt. Lieutenant Colonel Logan Holt Roots, Commissary, U.S. Volunteers, who died 30 May 1893. Abandoned as a U.S. Army post in 1917 and established as a post hospital.

Fort Roots 1896, 12 Bed Hospital
Fort Roots 1907, Commanding Officer's Quarters
Fort Roots 1907, 130 Man Barracks


Fort Roots 1907, 9 Man Bachelor Officer's Quarters
Fort Roots 1905 Administration Building

The land for Fort Roots was officially traded for the land occupied by the Little Rock Arsenal in downtown Little Rock on 23 Apr 1892. Construction began in 1893 and the post was first garrisoned in 1896 by a small 4th U.S. Cavalry detachment. Construction was temporarily halted in 1898 during the Spanish-American War when the garrison was sent to Puerto Rico. Construction resumed about 1905 with three large barracks and a commanding officer's quarters built during this period.

The 1,000-acre post was built on a high bluff in North Little Rock that overlooks the city and that restricted the size of the facility. As World War I approached a larger post was needed to train the large numbers of troops that would be required. Fort Roots was converted to a hospital in May 1917 and the 6,000 acres Camp Pike was established nearby to train troops for the war. Camp Pike was later renamed Camp Joseph T. Robinson.

Fort Roots was designated a General Hospital 1 Oct 1918, a public health hospital in 1921, and became a part of the VA Hospital System 29 Apr1922.

Fort Roots Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1901-02-01 1901-04-09  Capt. Chandler, Elias 2851
1902-06 1903-09  Capt. Parke, John Spry 2801 Promoted Major July 31, 1903
1907-09-23 1909-04-18  Maj. Thompson, James K. 3046
1911-12-31 1913-02-12  “Lt. Col. Taggart, Elmore F. 3007
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Current Status

Part of the Veterans Administration, Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Location: VA Hospital, Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center, Pulaski County, Arkansas.

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Lat: 34.775 Long: -92.2958333

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  • Elevation: 531'



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