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Camp Coppinger (1) (1898-1898) - A Spanish American War Embarkation Camp established in 1898 near Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama. Named Camp Coppinger after Major General John J. Coppinger the first commanding officer of the Fourth Corps. Abandoned in 1898. Also known as Camp Mobile and Camp Spring Hill.


Camp Coppinger was a Spanish American War embarkation camp located at the port of Mobile Alabama. Newspaper accounts say the camp was located on high ground in the Crichton area, bounded by Three Mile Creek to the north, Stein's Creek to the south, and Moffatt Road (now US 98) to the west.

The Fourth Corps initially assembled at Mobile before embarking for Tampa. There were seven regiments of regular infantry camped in Mobile in early May 1898, according to the 7 May 1898 Army and Navy Journal.

The Spring Hill camp where the regulars mobilized was in the area between the Crichton and Spring Hill suburbs of Mobile, located closer to Crichton on 600 acres of pine tree land.

The Alabama volunteers at Camp Clark and Camp Johnson (2) in Mobile moved to this camp beginning in late May 1898.

Camp Coppinger was abandoned when the last regiment left about 27 Jun 1898.

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Location: Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.

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