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Random FortWiki Images - Click on Image for Details is dedicated to documenting the historical Forts that provided security and protection for the U.S. and Canada.

U.S. Forts by State

Canadian Forts by Province & Territory

New and Updated Forts and Camps

Vancouver Arsenal, WA; Roop's Fort, CA; Presidio of Monterey, CA; Mission San Miguel Arcangel, CA; Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, CA; Mission San Antonio de Padua, CA; Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, CA; Fort Worden, WA; Fort Storey, NV; Fort Ord, CA; Fort Nugent, WA; Fort Nisqually, WA; Fort Maloney, WA; Fort Lewis, WA; Fort Lawton, WA; Fort Janesville, CA; Fort Hunter Liggett, CA; Fort Homestead, NV; Fort Haven, NV; Fort Genoa, NV; Fort Flagler, WA; Fort Ebey, WA; Fort Churchill, NV; Fort Casey, WA; Fort Casey, WA; English Camp, WA; (more...)

New and Updated Batteries

Battery AMTB - Ebey's Landing, WA; Battery Seymour, WA; Battery Schenck, WA; Royal Battery, QC; Prince Edward Battery, PEI; Devils Point Battery, NS; Courtenay Bay Breakwater Battery, NB; Battery Garesche, ME; Battery AMTB 961, ME; Egg Rock Battery, ME; Water Battery - West Point, NY; Chain Battery - West Point, NY; Battery Duane, NY; Battery Ayres, NY; Battery Richmond, NY; Battery Dix, NY; Battery Mills (2), NY; Battery Hudson, NY; Battery Barry, NY; Battery Upton, NY; (more...)

Battery Construction Number (BCN) Batteries

Battery 134, CA; Battery 239, CA; Battery 248, WA; Battery 107, RI; Battery 108, RI; Battery 109, RI; Battery 110, RI; Battery 126, CA; Battery 127, CA; Battery 128, CA; Battery 129, CA; Battery 131, WA; (more...)

New and Updated Barracks

Vancouver Barracks, WA; Benicia Barracks, CA; Chilkoot Barracks, AK; Columbus Barracks, OH; Baton Rouge Barracks, LA; Wellington Barracks, NS; Butler's Barracks, ON; Stanley Barracks, ON; New Barracks, QC; Whipple Barracks, AZ, Detroit Barracks, MI; Churchill Barracks, NV: Madison Barracks, NY; Plattsburgh Barracks, NY; (more...)

New & Updated People

Charles C. Gratiot, René Edward De Russy, Abner Doubleday, August V. Kautz, George Crook, Montgomery C. Meigs, William A. Sater, Richard Delafield, John M. Wilson, James C. Duane, Seth Eastman, Junipero Serra, Edward R.S. Canby, Charles S. Lovell‎, Powell T. Wyman, Edmund Underwood, Andrew J. Smith, Robert C. Buchanan, Albert S. Miller, Samuel P. Heintzelman, Horatio Gates Gibson, Joseph Stewart, Silas Casey, Joseph G. Swift, John T. Greble, Richard H. Peyton, P.G.T. Beauregard, (more...)

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Fort Emory, CA
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Forts, Camps & Stations
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USForts Blog Blog is our new blog describing our visits to forts and batteries. If you want to blog about your fort visits, contact me and I will establish an author login for you. John. The archives for our old blog can be accessed at Archive.


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