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Camp Roberts (1) (1940-1970, 1971-Present) - A U.S. Army training camp established in 1940 as Camp Nacimiento just before World War II in Monterey County and San Luis Obispo County, California. Renamed Camp Roberts for Corporal Harold W. Roberts, posthumous Medal of Honor recipient during World War I. Active military installation.

Camp Roberts Chapel 1.
Camp Roberts Barracks Row.
Camp Roberts Historical Museum.


Construction started on 15 Nov 1940 and the post was activated in March 1941 as a training center just before the start of World War II. The post provided infantry and artillery training during the war and had a peak population of some 45,000 troops in 1945 and rated capacity for 20,000 troops. The post had 42,362 acres of land with over 1000 acres devoted to a cantonment containing almost 1,000 temporary WWII buildings. In addition to the infantry and artillery training areas, the post also contained a large hospital complex and a German and Italian prisoner of war camp.

In 1946 the camp was placed in caretaker status but still served as a summer training camp for the National Guard and Reserve troops. The camp was reactivated for the Korean War (1950-1953) but officially closed as a U.S. Army camp in 1970. On 2 Apr 1971, the California National Guard took possession and the post now supports National Guard, Reserve, and active components.

Current Status

Camp Roberts Entrance.

Active California National Guard Post in Monterey County and San Luis Obispo County, California. Has a main museum building and an annex with outside hardware displays.

Location: Active Military Installation, Monterey County, California.

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Lat: 35.79798 Long: -120.74451

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  • Elevation: 682'

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