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Apalachicola Fort (1689-1691) - A Spanish Colonial era Fort established in 1689 near present-day Holy Trinity in Russell County, Alabama. Destroyed by the builders in 1691. Also known as Spanish Fort (3) and Fort Among the Apalachicolas.

Spanish Fort Marker.


Established about 1689 as a key Spanish outpost to counter English influence among the Indian tribes of the southeastern United States.

The palisade of the fort was rectangular, about 61' by 53', reinforced by an exterior half-wall of clay and protected by corner bastions. The palisade was surrounded by a moat. The fort itself was built of wattle and daub.

Destroyed by the Spanish builders in 1691 to keep the post out of English hands.

Current Status

The site is privately owned and not open to the public. Ground water and erosion have reportedly compromised parts of the site. National Register Number: 66000931.

Location: Near Holy Trinity, Russell County, Alabama.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.29182 Long: -84.95826

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  • Elevation: 223'

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