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Slidell FAA Radar Site (1960s-Active) - A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Long-Range Radar (LLR) site first established in the 1960s near Slidell, in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The site is used to identify and track military and civilian aircraft movements within a 200-mile radius and to provide air-ground radio communication with those aircraft. Assigned a SAGE System ID of Z-246, a JSS ID of J-13 and an FAA ID of NEW. Active FAA Radar Site. Also known as New Orleans FAA Radar Site.

Slidell FAA Radar Site in 2020.


This site probably became an FAA radar site in the early 1960s, furnishing radar track data to the FAA ARTCC's and later to USAF Direction Centers. The initial FAA ARSR-1 search radar was replaced with an ARSR-4 3D radar sometime between 1996 and 1999.

In late 1972 a detachment from the 630th Radar Squadron set up and operated an FPS-6 height-finder radar to provide manual inputs to the SAGE System. The FPS-6 was upgraded to become an FPS-116 and then later removed. With the deactivation of the 630th in 1977, duties were assumed by an element of the Southeast Air Defense Sector. With the development of the Joint Surveillance System (JSS) the site was designated as JSS site J-13 and continued to provide radar track data to the SAGE System and after 1983 to its successors. In 1982 the FPS-116 height finder was supported by USAF operating location OLAC 678 ADG with 6 USAF operations personnel. It was removed about 1988.

A FYQ-47 Common Digitizer was probably placed in service by February 1973 when the USAF/FAA FST-2 to FYQ-47 replacement program was completed. By 1990 the site was equipped with an ARSR-1E search radar and a CD-2C Common Digitizer. The Slidell CD-2C was scheduled to receive an upgrade kit to implement three level weather data processing in November 1992.

The ARSR-1E radar was replaced by an ARSR-4 3D radar between 1996 and 1999.

The radar site data is now available to the USAF/NORAD Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F) operations centers (EADS & WADS) as well as the FAA Houston ARTCC (ZHU) and adjacent ARTCCs. Other federal agencies have access to the data under the Homeland Security umbrella.

Slidell FAA Radar Site Major Equipment List
Search Radar HF Radar Data Systems Scopes Comm IFF/SIF/Beacon
  • Single Chan (6)
  • Multi Chan (1)

Current Status

Active FAA facility near Slidell in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

Location: 400 Heifer Run, Pearl River, LA 70452.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.34815 Long: -89.77947

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.34815 Long: -89.77947

  • Elevation: 28'

GPS Locations:

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Visited: 12 Oct 2020

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