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Fort Sartwell (1737-17??) - A settler's colonial fort established in 1737 by Josiah Sartwell in Vernon, Windham County, Vermont. Named after Josiah Sartwell. Abandoned in 17??. Also known as Sartwell's Fort.


Fort Sartwell was more of a blockhouse than a fort. It was constructed of squared yellow pine logs laid lengthwise, crossed at the corners, and fastened with wooden pins. This was a 20 by 38 foot, two-story fortification, with the upper level projecting over the lower level providing a field of fire through loopholes in the walls. Fort Sartwell was very similar to Fort Bridgman except that it did not have the sharpened picket fence.

King George's War (1744-1748)

Fort Sartwell became one of sixteen forts established in a line from Fort Dummer to Fort Massachusetts to protect settlers from attacks by the French and their hostile Indian Allies during King George's War.

French & Indian War (1754-1763)

Hostile Indians attacked the area around Fort Sartwell on 27 Jun 1755 killing several men and carrying off the wives and children of the slain men to captivity in Canada. Jemima Howe and her seven children were among those taken. The Indians plundered and burned the fort. Mrs. Howe was sold to the French and was finally ransomed and returned home.

The fort was taken down in 1836 after standing for 99 years. The timbers that were still sound were used in the construction of a home by Ebenezer Howe.

Current Status


Location: Vernon, Windham County, Vermont. Map point is approximate.

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Lat: 42.783937 Long: -72.52573

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  • VT0045 - Fort Sartwell

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