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Fort Champoeg (1811-1861) - A Fur trading post established as Willamette Post in 1811 near present-day Donald, Marion County, Oregon. Later named Fort Champoeg also known as Fort Wallace (3), Fort Champooick and Fort Kalapuya. Destroyed by fire and flood in 1861.


Established in 1811 by William Wallace and J. C. Halsey, agents for John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Company on the Willamette River, about 25 miles north of the present-day Salem. The company was purchased by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821 and the post was renamed Fort Champooick, later anglicized to Fort Champoeg. Two fires and a major flood in December 1861 took their toll on the post. The original part of the town was destroyed by the flood of 1892.

Current Status

No remains of the post. The area is now a part of Champoeg State Heritage Area.

Location: Near Donald, Marion County, Oregon.

Maps & Images

Lat: 45.248159 Long: -122.894285

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Fortification ID:

  • OR0036 - Fort Champoeg
  • OR0037 - Fort Champooick
  • OR0179 - Fort Wallace (3)
  • OR0189 - Willamette Post
  • OR0089 - Fort Kalapuya

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