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ARSR-2 Long-Range Search Radar Set - A long-range ground search radar set built by Raytheon for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). First deployed about 1960.

ARSR-2 Search Radar

The ARSR-2 was a long-range L-band (1215- 1400 MHz) air-route-surveillance radar built by Raytheon for the FAA. Eighteen ARSR-2s were deployed by the FAA starting about 1960. The ARSR-2 was used as a surveillance system to detect azimuth and range of en-route aircraft operating between FAA terminal areas. The ARSR-2 was an upgrade of the ARSR-1 and also used a conventional magnetron feeding 400 kW peak power into an amplitron to provide an additional 10 dB gain.

ARSR-2 Typical Equipment Layout prior to the Solid State Receiver/Digital Moving Target Indicator (SSR/DMTI) Modification.

ARSR-2 Upgrades

The ARSR-2 was based on a 1960s vintage radar that has been updated through the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).

The ARSR-2 is usually interfaced with a collocated Common Digitizer Model 1/2 (CD-1/CD-2) or other digital processors which provided digitized output.

By 2015 all of the operating ARSR-2s had been further transformed into Common Air-Route-Surveillance (CARSR) radars with additional solid-state components that would extend the supportable life of the set into 2025.

ARSR-2 Search Radar
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature ARSR-2
Origins ARSR-1
Manufacturer Raytheon
Type Search
Number Made 18
Frequency 1215-1350 MHz
PRF 360 Hz
Pulse Width 2 us
Rotation Speed 5 rpm
Power 4 MW
2.9 KW
Range 200 nmi long range
Altitude 61,000
Introduced 1960

ARSR-2 Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
Antenna Assembly FA-7000 1
-Antenna Reflector FA-7001 1
-Antenna Pedestal FA-7002 1
-Waveguiide Support FA-7003 1
-Circular/Linear Polarizer FA-7004 1
Transmitter-Modulator Assembly FA-7010 2
RF Assembly FA-7020 2
Moving Target Indicator Assembly FA-7040A 2
Voltage Regulator FA-7060
Radar Set Control FA-7070 1
Operations Master Concole & Maintenance Console Assembly FA-7080 1
Video Compensation Amplifier Assembly FA-7040
Distribution Panel Assembly FA-7100
Amplitron-Modulator Assembly FA-7110 2
Amplitron Power Supply Assembly FA-7120 2
Heat Exchanger FA-7130 2
Air Compressor Assembly FA-7135 1
Relay Assembly FA-7140
Waveguide Switch FA-7141 1
RF Dummy Load FA-7142 1
Ferrite Circulator FA-7155
Electrical Dummy Load FA-7137 2

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