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Acton House (1799-1834) - A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) trading post first established by James Bird in 1799 at present day Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Named after James Bird's home in Middlesex, England. Abandoned in 1834.

Acton House Storehouse Outline
Acton House Nearby Tepees
Acton House Steel Frame Outline


Established in fall of 1799 for the Hudson's Bay Company by James Bird. The post was situated next to the North West Company Rocky Mountain House and the two post competed for the local fur trade. Trading proved unprofitable and both posts closed and reopened several times over the years. The two companies merged together in 1821 under the Hudson's Bay Company name but the post retained the Rocky Mountain House name. The Acton House site was abandoned in 1834-35.

Current Status

Part of the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site near the town of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The site of Action House is clearly marked at south end of the David Thompson Trail (a 3.2 km loop). The fort is outlined with a partial steel frame that represents the palisade and the bastions. The interior buildings are outlined with low wood timbers. The whole site can be viewed from an observation tower just up the trail.

Location: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

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Lat: 52.35305 Long: -114.97837

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