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Atlanta Arsenal (1862-1864) - A Confederate arsenal established in 1862 during the U.S. Civil War in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Abandoned in 1864 as Union troops closed in on Atlanta.


Established in March 1862 after Nashville fell to Union troops in February 1862. All the Nashville supplies, facilities and personnel, including the commander, Colonel Moses H. Wright (Cullum 1831), were removed to Atlanta and a new arsenal established. The new arsenal was a large facility that eventually had thirteen buildings and employed some five thousand workers. Other Confederate arsenals supplemented the production at the Atlanta Arsenal and the Atlanta Arsenal in turn furnished horse equipment to the Army of Tennessee and other western troops.

The Atlanta Arsenal was closed and the facilities moved to other arsenals including the Macon Arsenal and the Columbus Arsenal (1) when Union General William T. Sherman (Cullum 1022) advanced on Atlanta in August 1864.

Current Status

No remains in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.

Location: Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.7493259 Long: -84.3817431

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