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Battery 6" Army - Point Brown (1941-1945) - Battery 6" Army - Point Brown was a fixed, World War II, 6" Army gun coastal battery located at Point Brown, Grays Harbor County, Washington. Deactivated in 1944.

World War II

Part of the Harbor Defense of Grays Harbor.

Originally built as a World War II fixed coastal gun battery with two Army 6" guns mounted on fixed Barbette mounts (BCLR). The battery was constructed on Point Brown, across the harbor entrance from Westport, Washington. Known as Battery 1 in the harbor defense. This battery replaced the Railway Battery - Point Brown of four 12" mortars in December 1942. The battery was quartered in tents until quarters were completed on the site on 25 May 1942 and it was necessary to run a bath roster for the troops to nearby Ocean City, eight miles north of the camp, until then.

The battery was constructed by the 116th Ordnance Company and civilian ordnance personnel from the Harbor Defense of the Columbia and the Harbor Defense of Puget Sound who completed the battery on 11 Dec 1942 and proof fired the guns on 11 Jan 1943.

The guns were again fired in target practice in January 1943 and October 1943. The battery was placed in Class C status on 20 Jan 1944 and dismantling for shipment to Fort Lewis began on 10 Apr 1944.

In January 1944 all the Coast Artillery assignments at Grays Harbor were terminated leaving only guards until the remaining guns and ammunition were removed.

Note: Some sources describe this battery as having had four Navy guns with three of the mounts destroyed by marina development and one surviving mount in the surf.

Current Status

Remains of one gun mount reportedly in the surf by the marina.

Location: Point Brown, Grays Harbor County, Washington

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Lat: 46.94779 Long: -124.133

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  • Elevation: .....'

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  • Hagge, Greg, Situation Report:Defenses of Western Washington-October 1995, The CDSG Newsletter, November 1995, page 8.


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  • WA0025 - Battery 6" Army - Point Brown

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