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Battery McKinnon (1906-1942) - Battery William McKinnon is a concrete Endicott Period 12" mortar battery located on Fort Winfield Scott (2), San Francisco County, California. Named in G.O. 20, 25 Jan 1906, after Chaplain William D. McKinnon, 3rd U.S. Cavalry, who served with distinction during the Spanish-American War and the insurrection in the Philippine Islands, and who died 25 Sep 1902. Originally built as mortar pits C & D of Battery Stotsenburg in 1898, these two pits were re-designated as Battery McKinnon in 1906. Battery deactivated 1942.

Battery McKinnon Data Booth
Battery McKinnon Mortar Pit B
Battery McKinnon Mortar Pit A

Endicott Period (1890-1910)

Part of the Harbor Defense of San Francisco.

Battery McKinnon was originally mortar pits C & D of Battery Stotsenburg, each of these two pits were built with 4, 12" M1890MI rifled steel mortars on M1896MI mortar carriages in a concrete battery. These two mortar pits were re-designated as Battery McKinnon in 1906. This was a single level mortar battery with the mortar loading platforms on the same level as the magazines. Shells were brought from the magazines by shot carts. No shell or powder hoist were provided or needed. The concrete magazines were built between the mortar pits and covered with some 20' of earth. Electrical power was furnished from a central power plant and a backup emplacement power plant.

Battery McKinnon Armament (edit list)
Model Serial
Manufacturer Carriage Service
A-1 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 34 Builders Mortar M1896MI, 91, Robert Poole 1900-1942 See note 2
A-2 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 36 Builders Mortar M1896MI, 95, Robert Poole 1900-1918 See note 2
A-3 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 23 Builders Mortar M1896MI, 94, Robert Poole 1900-1942 See note 1
A-4 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 28c Watervliet Mortar M1896MI, 96, Robert Poole 1900-1918 See note 1
B-1 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 39 Watervliet Mortar M1896MI, 85, Robert Poole 1900-1942 See note 2
B-2 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 46 Watervliet Mortar M1896MI, 79, Robert Poole 1900-1918 See note 1
B-3 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 28d Builders Mortar M1896MI, 86, Robert Poole 1900-1942 See note 2
B-4 12" Mortar 140" M1890MI 22b Bethlehem Mortar M1896MI, 80, Robert Poole 1900-1918 See note 1
Source: RCW Form 1, 1 Mar 1920, 1 Sep 1923, CDSG, Berhow, Mark A. ed, American Seacoast Defenses: A Reference Guide, 2nd Edition, CDSG Press, McLean, VA, 2004, ISBN 0-9748167-0-1, pages 140-145
Note 1: Mortars and Carriages transferred to Battery Howe (2), Fort Funston 18 Jun 1918
Note 2: Mortars & carriages salvaged 19 Nov 1942
Battery McKinnon Plan 1920

World War I (1917-1918)

The U.S. entry into World War I resulted in a widespread removal of large caliber coastal defense gun tubes for service in Europe. Many of the gun and mortar tubes removed were sent to arsenals for modification and mounting on mobile carriages, both wheeled and railroad. Most of the removed gun tubes never made it to Europe and were either remounted or remained at the arsenals until needed elsewhere. In 1918, four of the mortars from Battery McKinnon were relocated to Battery Howe (2) on Fort Funston.

World War II (1941-1945)

The mortars of Battery Stotsenburg were obsolete at the beginning of World War II. They were all ordered scrapped 19 Nov 1942 during the first large scale World War II scrap drive.

Current Status

No guns or carriages are in place.

Location: Fort Winfield Scott, San Francisco County, California

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.795012 Long: -122.474953

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  • Elevation: 339'



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