Battle of Gettysburg

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Battle of Gettysburg (1 Jul 1863-3 Jul 1863) - A U.S. Civil War Battle fought between Union forces under Major General George G. Meade, (Cullum 804) and Confederate forces under General Robert E. Lee, (Cullum 542). Known by Union and Confederate forces as Battle of Gettysburg. The battle was fought near the town of Gettysburg in Adams County, Pennsylvania and resulted in a Union victory, with great losses on both sides and became the turning point in the war.

Hancock at Gettysbug, Shows Major General Winfield S. Hancock riding along the Union lines during the Confederate bombardment prior to Pickett's Charge.
Battle Casualties
Union Confederate Total
Total Engaged 93,921 71,699 165,620
Killed 3,155 4,708 7,863
Wounded 14,531 12,693 27,224
Captured/Missing 5,369 5,830 11,199
Total Casualties 23,055 23,231 46,286
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Current Status

Part of Gettysburg National Military Park, Adams County, Pennsylvania

Location: Gettysburg National Military Park near Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.81124 Long: -77.22487

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  • Elevation: 591'

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