Battle of Pea Ridge

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Battle of Pea Ridge (6 Mar 1862-8 Mar 1862) - A U.S. Civil War Battle fought between Union forces under Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis USV, (Cullum 655), and Confederate forces under Major General Earl Van Dorn CSA, (Cullum 1162). Known by Union forces as Battle of Pea Ridge, known by Confederate forces as Battle of Elkhorn Tavern. The battle was fought near Garfield in Benton County, Arkansas and resulted in a Union victory.

File:Battle of Pea Ridge.png
Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas by Kurz and Allison.

In March 1862 Union forces under General Samuel R. Curtis entered Arkansas and established a position above Little Sugar Creek. Confederate forces under General Earl Van Dorn approached the Union positions and attacked. General Curtis held off the Confederate attack and in the battle two senior Confederate commanders, Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch and his successor, Brigadier General James M. McIntosh were killed. The Confederate forces retreated in disorder.

On the second day of the battle General Cutis forced General Van Dorn's force off the field and secured a Union victory. The Union victory established Union control over Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Current Status

Part of Pea Ridge National Military Park, Benton County, Arkansas.

Location: Pea Ridge National Military Park, Benton County, Arkansas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 36.4532 Long: -94.0158

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  • Elevation: 1,434'



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