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Beaufort Arsenal (1795-1966) - A South Carolina State arsenal first established in 1795 and completed in 1799 in Beaufort, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Abandoned in 1966.

Beaufort Arsenal Main Gate
Beaufort Arsenal Courtyard
Beaufort Arsenal

Beaufort Arsenal History

The South Carolina State Arsenal was established in 1795 at the site of the old courthouse in Beaufort, South Carolina. It was expanded in 1852 with barracks for 250 men and a six gun battery. Renovated 1934 by the WPA with one wing as a museum and the other wing serving as the National Guard Headquarters. Abandoned as a military post in 1966.

Current Status

Beaufort Arsenal Marker

Part of Beaufort Arsenal Museum in Beaufort, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Marker in front of museum.

Location: Corner of Carteret & Craven Streets in Beaufort, Beaufort County, South Carolina.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.432774 Long: -80.670478



Visited: 14 Mar 2012

Beaufort Arsenal Picture Gallery

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