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Bessborough Armoury (1934-Present) - A Canadian Federal Armoury established in 1934 in present day Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Named for the Earl of Bessborough, the then Governor-General of Canada, who officially opened the armoury on 27 Mar 1934. Active military armoury.

Bessborough Armoury Entrance
Bessborough Armoury Display Gun
Bessborough Armoury Building


Construction began on the building in September 1932 and it was officially opened on 27 Mar 1934. The armoury was built as a large rectangular art deco structure with administrative offices along the two long sides and one end. There is a large open central area for drills and parades. The architect was Richard T. Perry who later became the commander of the 15th Field Brigade.

The armoury was initially built to house the 15th Field Brigade, Canadian Artillery and the British Columbia Hussars. During World War II the role of the 15th Field Brigade shifted to coast defense artillery and it was the unit that manned the Harbor Defense of Vancouver. Three batteries of the 15th manned the six coastal artillery batteries defending Vancouver and its approaches:

15th Coast Brigade, Canadian Artillery - World War II
31st Battery 58th Battery 85th Heavy Battery

In 1948 the 15th reverted to a field artillery role as the 15th Field Regiment, RCA.

Current Status

Active armoury. Home to the 15th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery Museum and Archive and the following units:

  • 15th Field Artillery Regiment
  • The Band of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment
  • 2472 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
  • 111 Pegasus Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Location: 2025 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Lat: 49.262109 Long: -123.151658

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