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Bordeaux Trading Post (1837-1876) - A Pierre Chouteau, Jr. & Company Fur Trading Post established in 1837 near Chadron, Dawes County, Nebraska. Named Bordeaux Trading Post after James Bordeaux. Abandoned in 1876.

Bordeaux Trading Post Interior.
Bordeaux Trading Post Storage Building.
Bordeaux Trading Post Exterior.


A small trading post established in 1845-46 by James Bordeaux while in the employ of Pierre Chouteau, Jr. & Company. In the summer of 1845, Bordeaux occupied an important position at Fort Laramie. He later established headquarters on the Platte near the site of the Grattan massacre but maintained this small post in northwestern Nebraska for 26 years and carried on a successful trade with the Sioux through its use. Bordeaux was known as "the Bear" to his Sioux customers.

This post was attacked by a Crow war party under White Bear in October 1849. A pursuing Brule Sioux party friendly to Bordeaux intercepted the raiders near the later site of Crawford, Nebraska and this action gave the name "Crow Butte" to a prominent landmark there.

Bordeaux abandoned the trading post in 1872 and removed to Fort Randall on the Missouri River where he died in 1878. In 1872 the post was sold to Francis Boucher, a son-in-law of Spotted Tail, who occupied the post until about 1876. In the summer of 1876, 40,000 rounds of Winchester ammunition were confiscated at the post by military authorities to prevent their sale to hostile Sioux.

until 1872, when it was sold to Francis Boucher, a son-in-law of Spotted Tail, but was finally abandoned in 1876.

Current Status

Bordeaux Trading Post Marker.
Bordeaux Trading Post Storage Interior.

Part of the Museum of the Fur Trade. The trading post site includes two buildings: a combined trading house and living quarters and a small warehouse. Both buildings have been completely reconstructed to original lines and grades, using the original post holes and aged wood from nearby ranches.

The reconstructed Bordeaux Trading Post has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. NRHP ID: 72000746

Location: 6321 Highway 20, Chadron, Dawes County, Nebraska.

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Lat: 42.82335 Long: -102.92784

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  • Elevation: 3,418'

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