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CDSG Gun Card Collection

The Gun Card Collection provides individual gun records by serial number for most of the guns in use by the Coast Artillery (1917-194?) for gun models from M1888 to World War II. They are available from the CDSG Digital Library. The gun cards record transfers of guns between arsenals, coast artillery posts, proving grounds and storage depots. When used in conjunction with other records, the cards complete the picture of how individual batteries were armed. Those other records include RCW Forms, RCB records, and Engineer Records.

6" Gun Card M1903A2 - This gun went to France
10" Gun Card M1888MIA1

The gun cards have some limitations:

  • They appear to have been created a/o 1 July 1917 and do not record gun transfers prior to that date or guns taken out of service before that date.
  • Prior to WWII they probably do not reference specific batteries, only the posts.
  • The dates given for gun transfers are probably administrative custody change dates, not shipping or receiving dates, although they may coincide.
  • The rounds fired do not appear to be consistently accurate, they are probably as of some unstated date - I no longer use them

The Carriage Card Collection provides individual carriage records by serial number for most of the gun carriages used by the Coast Artillery (189?-194?).

5" Carriage Card M1903 - Transferred to transport ship "A.T. Kilpatrick"
8" Disappearing Carriage Card M1894

The carriage cards have some of the same limitations as the gun cards except that they do record pre 1917 transfers. The original transfer date and post is furnished most of the time.

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