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Camp Allegheny (1861-1862) - A U.S. Civil War Confederate Camp established in 1861 near Bartow, Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Abandoned in 1862.


Established on 3 Oct 1861 by Confederate Brigadier General Henry R. Jackson, on an Allegheny Mountains summit astride the important Parkersburg-Staunton Turnpike. The Camp was well entrenched on the heights and mounted eight guns.

Battle of Camp Allegheny

The Camp was attacked by Union forces on the morning of 13 Dec 1861 troops under Brigadier General Robert H. Milroy. The Union troops were at a disadvantage but fought stubbornly, they were driven back and by 2 pm the battle was over. Even though the Confederates held off the Union forces, the battle at Camp Allegheny was considered inconclusive and the Confederates' ended their mountain campaign. The estimated casualties included 137 Union and 146 Confederate soldiers.

The Confederates occupied the post until April 1862.

Current Status

West Virginia State Park - Camp Allegheny. The site is marked by historical markers and interpretive waysides. Some of the foundations of the Confederate winter cabins are still visible. Some of the earthworks can still be seen.

Location: Bartow, Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.47389 Long: -79.72444

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  • Elevation: ~4,400'

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  • WV0001 - Camp Allegheny

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