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Camp Chelan (1879-1880) - Established in 1879 by Colonel Henry C. Merriam and Companies D, E, and F of the 2nd U.S. Infantry at the outlet of Lake Chelan. In the spring of 1880, Camp Chelan was relocated from the Foster's Creek area to Lake Chelan. The camp was abandoned in Oct 1880 and the troops moved on to build Fort Spokane (2).


The camp was established as a temporary camp to control and safeguard the Indian Population on the Moses Columbia Reservation. The post was garrisoned by three companies (D, E, and I) of the 2nd U.S. Infantry on 2 Sep 1879. The post was built out with barracks, officer quarters, and a sawmill but the remote location and transportation difficulties forced the abandonment of the post. On 13 Oct 1880, four companies of the 2nd U.S. Infantry (D, E, F, and I) under the command of Colonel Merriam moved to the junction of the Spokane River and the Columbia River and began construction on Fort Spokane (2).

Current Status


Location: East of Chelan, Chelan County, Washington on route 150.
The exact location is not identified.

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Lat: 47.828254 Long: -119.983664

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  • Elevation: 1,200'

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Fortification ID:

  • WA0108 - Camp Chelan

Visited: No

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