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Camp Clark (1) (1898-1898) - A Spanish American War Camp established in 1898 near Carson City, Nevada. Named Camp Clark after Captain Charles Edgar Clark of the battleship USS Oregon in the naval battle of Santiago Bay. Abandoned in 1898.

Camp Clark at Treadway's Park 1898.


Camp Clark (1) was the successor to Camp Sadler (2) both in Carson City Nevada. Camp Sadler had been established in June 1898 at the racetrack, east of the capital building, in the southeast outskirts of Carson City.

In mid-August 1898, the assembled troops were moved from Camp Sadler at the Racetrack to Treadway Park in northwest Carson City. The racetrack’s owner had wanted the camp moved so the track could be prepared for the fall racing season. This second camp for the 1st Nevada Volunteer Infantry was named Camp Clark. Camp Clark was located at Treadway Park on the west side of town.

The assembled troops were mustered out of service by late October 1898 and the Camp was abandoned.

Current Status

Only a small portion of Treadway Park still exists at the intersection of West William Street and North Minnesota Street. The area has been overbuilt by medical-related facilities. The GPS coordinates are for the center of the remaining park.

Location: Carson City, Carson City, Nevada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.170904 Long: -119.770620

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  • Elevation: 4,718'

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  • NV0022 - Camp Clark (1)

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