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Camp Clinton (1943-1946) - A U.S. Army prisoner of war camp for German prisoners established in 1943 in Clinton, Hinds County, Mississippi. Abandoned in 1946.


A Prisoner of War camp established in 1943 to house mostly German Prisoners of War taken in North Africa. Camp Clinton was the only US camp that housed German general officers. Twenty five German generals taken prisoner were housed at Camp Clinton alone with a number of lower ranking officers. In total Camp Clinton housed some 3,400 German Prisoners. The enlisted men were housed fifty to a barracks while the general officers lived in duplex quarters with a shared aid.

One of the unusual tasks given to the German prisoners was the building of a one-mile-square model of the Mississippi river basin for the U.S. Corps of Engineers. The model was used to study the flow of the Mississippi River.

The prisoners were not immediately released at the end of the war and it was late in 1946 before the majority returned to Germany.

Current Status

Private Property, Clinton, Hinds County, Mississippi.

Location: Private Property, Hinds County, Mississippi.

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Lat: 32.3050168 Long: -90.315063

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