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Camp Crittenden (1868-1873) - First established 4 Mar 1868 by Captain Stephen G. Whipple and first garrisoned by Company H and K, 32nd U.S. Infantry and Company C and K, 1st U.S. Cavalry. Named after Colonel Thomas L. Crittenden, 32nd U.S. Infantry. Abandoned in 1873. Also known as Fort Critternden.

Camp Crittenden Roadside Marker
Camp Crittenden Roadside Marker Location

Camp Crittenden History

Established to protect settlers from hostile Indian attacks in 1868. Site was abandoned 1 Jun 1873 because it was unhealthy.

Current Status

Roadside marker only in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

Location: Highway 82, Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.6612008 Long: -110.7006385

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  • Elevation: 4711'

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