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Camp Dun Glen (1863 1865-1866) - A U.S. Civil War Camp established in 1863 near Dun Glen, Pershing County, Nevada. Named Camp Dun Glen after the town of Dun Glen. Abandoned in 1866.


Camp Dun Glen was located in Dun Glen Canyon, in the East Humboldt Mountain Range, Pershing County. The camp was first established in 1863 to protect settlers against attacks by hostile Indians but it was abandoned later in 1863.

In March 1865, Dun Glen again asked for military protection, and Company B of the 2nd California Volunteer Cavalry, under the command of 1st Lt. R. A. Osmer, was sent there in June 1865. Shortly afterward Lieutenant Osmer was relieved by Captain George D. Conrad. The company remained until 30 Apr 1866 and was mustered out at Sacramento, California, on 13 June 1866.

The Camp served as a depot for troops operating in the field against hostile Indians. The company conducted a number of scouting expeditions against hostile Indians on the Overland Route, along the Humboldt River, on the Oregon Route through Black Rock Range, in Paradise Valley, and on Quinn River.

The camp was abandoned in August 1866, in compliance with General Order 21 Military Division of the Pacific.

Current Status

Little is left of the old town.

Location: Dun Glen, Pershing County, Nevada.

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Lat: 40.7418494 Long: -117.9220791

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  • Elevation: 5,266'

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  • NV0042 - Camp Dun Glen

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