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Camp John S. Poland (1898-1899) - A Spanish American War training Camp first established as Camp Wilder in 1898 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. Established to relieve overcrowding at Camp Thomas. Named for General John T. Wilder, U.S. Civil War Union General who fought at the battle of Chickamauga. Renamed Camp John S. Poland after Brigadier General John S. Poland (Cullum 1921), who died 8 Aug 1898 of fever contracted at Camp Thomas. Abandoned in 1899. Also known as Camp Poland.

History of Camp John S. Poland

One of three Spanish American War muster, organization and training camps in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Camp Wilder, Camp John S. Poland and Camp Bob Taylor were located in or near what is now Knoxville.

Initially Camp Wilder was established as the muster-in camp for the 4th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry and Camp Bob Taylor was the muster-in camp for the 6th U.S. Volunteer Infantry. Camp Wilder was initially established in June 1898 to relieve overcrowding at Camp Thomas. The second division of the 1st Army Corps moved from Camp Thomas starting about 21 Aug 1898. The regiments began to leave in September 1898 and only two remained in December 1898. Both of them were gone by January 1899.

The camp was abandoned in early January 1899 except for the hospital which remained open until February 1899.

Current Status

No remains in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

Location: Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 35.97985 Long: -83.93441

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