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Camp Lewis (2) (1874-1874) - A U.S. Army camp established in 1874 in present-day Lewistown, Fergus County, Montana. Named Camp Lewis after Major William H. Lewis. Abandoned later in 1874. Also known as Camp Big Spring Creek.


Camp Lewis was a temporary camp established on 10 May 1874 in present-day Lewistown, Montana, by elements of the 7th U.S. Infantry from Fort Shaw. Built along the Big Spring Creek Fork of the Judith River and located two miles south of the city in 1874. Abandoned on 1 Nov 1874.

Current Status

Unknown. A small plaque is reported located on Main Street between 3rd and 4th Aves.

Location: Lewistown, Fergus County, Montana.
The GPS point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.0683333 Long: -109.4208333

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  • Elevation: 3,927'

GPS Locations:

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Fortification ID:

  • MT0113 - Camp Lewis (2)
  • MT0011 - Camp Big Spring Creek

Visited: No

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