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Camp McQuaide (1926-1947) - A World War II era Camp first established in 1926 near Capitola, Santa Cruz County, California. Relocated in 1940 to a new location south of Capitola near Watsonville also in Santa Cruz County, California Named Camp McQuaide after Major Joseph P. McQuaide Chaplain 250th Coast Artillery. Abandoned in 1947 and disposed of in 1948.

History of Camp McQuaide

First established in 1926 as a training camp for the 250th Coast Artillery, California National Guard, at a site near Capitola, California (site 1). Relocated in 1940 to a new location south of Capitola near Watsonville in Santa Cruz County, California (site 2). The 250th Coast Artillery was mobilized into federal service on 16 Sep 1940 at San Francisco and moved to Camp McQuaide, California 23 Sep 1940. The 250th was deployed to various Alaskan sites on 19 Sep 1941 to counter a threatened Japanese invasion of Alaska.

A Coast Artillery Seacoast Replacement Center was established at Camp McQuaide for the 250th Coast Artillery on 12 Jul 1942 and disestablished 4 Dec 1943. The 250th Coast Artillery was equipped with mobile 155-millemeter guns.

West Coast Processing Center established 1 Feb 1944 discontinued 15 Feb 1946.

United States Disciplinary Barracks at Camp McQuaide established 20 Jan 1946 as a medium security temporary confinement faciliy for about 2000 general prisoners.

Camp McQuaide was discontinued and declared surplus to U.S. Government needs as of 30 Apr 1947 and the caretaking detachment at the camp was discontinued as of 30 Jul 1947.

The property was awarded at no cost to the Seventh-day Adventist Church on 13 Aug 1948 for conversion to a boarding school.

Current Status

Now the Monterey Bay Academy in Santa Cruz County, California.

Location: Monterey Bay Academy, Santa Cruz County, California.

Maps & Images

Lat: 36.91083 Long: -121.83694

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  • Elevation: 131'



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