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Camp Sabine (1) (1806, 1836-1838) - A U.S. Army camp initially established in 1806 by General James Wilkinson in present day Sabine Parish, Louisiana. Named for the nearby Sabine River. Reestablished in 1836 by General Edmund P. Gaines during the Texas Revolution. Abandoned in 1838.


First established by General James Wilkinson in 1806 during a border dispute with Spain over the western border of the United States.

Reestablished on 17 Apr 1836 by Major Alexander R. Thompson under orders from General Edmund P. Gaines during the Texas Revolution. Initially garrisoned with 14 companies of troops from the 3rd U.S. Infantry and the 6th U.S. Infantry from Fort Jesup, some 500 to 600 troops. A blockhouse and eight storehouses were constructed on the post in July 1836 to support the troops.

Camp Sabine was re-established just before the Battle of San Jacinto (21 Apr 1836) at a time when things looked bad for the Texas Revolution. Texas settlers and troops were fleeing Santa Anna's advancing army and heading for the Louisiana border which was then the United States border. General Gains was ordered to prevent any intervention by U.S. troops and to guard against Mexican incursion into Louisiana and he positioned the troops at Camp Sabine to better support this effort. The unexpected Texan victory at San Jacinto and the capture of Santa Anna secured Texas for the revolution and defused the border problems.

As the situation became clearer, General Gaines reduced the camp strength to four companies (two from the 3rd and two from the 6th) on 8 Oct 1836. The post was abandoned in 1838.

The abandoned blockhouse was repurposed as the "Blockhouse Church", a noted Baptist meeting house and later replaced by the Beulah Church.

Current Status

No remains in Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

Location: Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

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Lat: 31.47573 Long: 93.66796

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  • Elevation: 308'

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