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Camp Sarcee (1915-1998) - A Canadian World War I training camp established in 1915 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Abandoned in 1998. Also known as Sarcee Training Area.

Battalion Park Upper Entrance
Camp Sarcee Interpretive Sign
Camp Sarcee Lower Flag Display at the Foot of the Numerals on the Hill


Camp Sarcee Numerals on the Hillside

Camp Sarcee Plan from Park Sign

A Canadian World War I training camp established in April 1915 on land leased from the Sarcee Indian Indian Reserve. The camp officially opened late May 1915. The camp trained recruits in some 30 units for service overseas and by the summer of 1916 twelve battalion camp areas were established, housing almost 15,000 men. The battalion areas were all tent camps with few frame buildings.

The different battalion camp areas were delineated with lines of whitewashed rocks as were the roads and walkways. These rocks were gathered from a nearby river bed as part of a training exercise. Four battalions carried the exercise further, creating large numerals representing their battalion numbers in the hillside behind the camp with the white washed rocks. Those numerals are contained and interpreted in the present day Battalion Park in Calgary.

Battalions at Camp Sarcee 1916
  • 113th Battalion
  • 137th Battalion
  • 138th Battalion
  • 151st Battalion
  • 175th Battalion
  • 218th Battalion
  • 211th Battalion
  • 202nd Battalion
  • 194th Battalion
  • 192nd Battalion
  • 191st Battalion
  • 187th Battalion
  • C.A.M.C.

Current Status

Battalion Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Location: 3001 Signal Hill, Battalion Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Map point is the camp location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 51.020278 Long: -114.171389

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