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Camp Withycombe (1909-Present) - Established as Camp Benson after Governor Frank W. Benson, but was later renamed Camp Withycombe during World War I for Governor James Withycombe.

Camp Withycombe Oregon Military History Museum

Camp Withycombe History

Originally known as the Clackamas Rifle Range it was established as a training camp in 1909 and expanded during World War I. During World War I it served as a headquarters for the National Guard, a central supply depot and training center.

In the 1930's the camp became a supply depot. Some of the buildings on the camp property, such as the Adjutant General's house (1938), were built by the WPA during this period.

The camp still serves as a training facility, supply depot, and equipment repair facility for the National Guard but the rifle range is now closed.

Current Status

Active Oregon National Guard post with the Oregon Military Museum on site. The museum is open 9-5 on Friday and Saturday.

Location: East of I-205 in Clackamas (South-East of Clackamas Town Center) near Portland, Clackamas County, Oregon.

Maps & Images

Lat: 45.410788 Long: -122.558541



Visited: 10 Nov 2007

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