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Cape Flattery Military Reservation (1942-1945) - An World War II Coastal Military Reservation first established in 1942 on tribal lands of Makah Indian Reservation on Cape Flattery, Clallam County, Washington. Abandoned in 1945.

World War II (1941-1945)

Part of the Harbor Defense of Puget Sound.

In 1942, the U.S. Army leased 4,024 acres of Makah Indian Reservation land to establish Cape Flattery Military Reservation as a coastal defense installation to protect the entrance to Puget Sound. The Military Reservation consisted of many non-contiguous sites that were to house two 6-inch and two 16-inch coastal gun batteries, approximately 25 fire control stations, a central magazine, numerous radar sites, and a combined HECP-HDCP. Roads were built and sites were cleared and graded but the project was terminated on 13 Oct 1943 before the batteries were built. Some support buildings and fire control stations were started, but very few were completed. The lease was terminated in 1945 and all the land, except a 10-acre site at Bahokus Peak, was transferred back to the Makah Tribe.

Cape Flattery Military Reservation World War II Battery (edit list)
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No. Caliber Type Mount Service Years Battery Cost Notes
Battery 132 2 12" Casemated Barbette (CBC) NB $ ? Not Built
Battery 133 2 12" Casemated Barbette (CBC) NB $ ? Not Built
Battery 250 2 6" Shielded Barbette (SBC) NB $ ? Not Built
Battery 251 2 6" Shielded Barbette (SBC) NB $ ? Not Built
Source: CDSG
Cape Flattery Military Reservation Plan 2
Cape Flattery Military Reservation Plan 1

Cold War (1947-1991)

At the end of the war, the 10-acre parcel at Bahokus Peak was transferred to the U.S. Army Air Forces (not the USAF). An aircraft radio relay warning station was operated there until 1947 when the site was excessed and operations ceased. In 1949, the lease expired and the 10-acre parcel was returned to the Makah Tribe.

In January 1952, the USAF leased 106.6 acres of Tribal land for the Makah Air Force Station (AFS), which includes a Cantonment Area, Family Housing Area, and associated water-supply facilities. In addition to the 106.6 acres, the Air Force leased the 10-acre Bahokus Peak site for the Radar equipment complex. An early warning radar station was built at the top of the peak and operated by the 758th AC&W Squadron. Makah AFS closed in 1988 and the FAA assumed control of the radar site.

Current Status

Part of Makah Indian Reservation, Clallam County, Washington. The facility is listed as a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS), property #F10WA0584 (USACE, 2002).

Location: Makah Indian Reservation, Cape Flattery,
Clallam County, Washington. Map Points are approximate.

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Lat: 48.371076 Long: -124.707398

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  • U.S.Army, Supplement to the Harbor Defense Project, Harbor Defenses of Puget Sound, (CCA-AN-PS), 12 Aug 1945, CDSG


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  • WA0096 - Cape Flattery Military Reservation

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