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Chain Battery - West Point (1776-1783) - A Revolutionary War battery first established in 1776 at the terminus of the Great Chain at West Point, Orange County, New York. Abandoned in 1783.

Chain Battery Stone Marker
Chain Battery Top of the Stone Wall, Flirtation Walk Along the Right
Chain Battery Wall at the Base of the Battery.

History of Chain Battery - West Point

Great Chain Marker at the Chain Battery

Part of Fortress West Point.

Established in 1776. The Chain Battery was constructed just above the point where the Great Chain was anchored to the West Point shore about 27 feet above the waters of Hudson River. The battery was a 65' long stone parapet that could mount three 12-pounder cannons placed to protect the Great Chain. The June 1779 and the September 1780 ordnance reports both list three 12-pounders at Chain Battery.

The remains of the battery can be seen alongside Flirtation Walk near Chain Cove. Flirtation walk runs right behind the stone wall which was the base of the battery.

Abandoned in 1783 at the end of the war.

Current Status

Some of the battery's stone structures remain along with a large stone carved with the name of the battery. A marker for the Great Chain is attached to a nearby boulder. On the United States Military Academy reservation which is an active Military installation and access may be restricted.

Location: Flirtation Walk at Chain Cove, West Point, Orange County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.39628 Long: -73.95292

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