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Charles Towne Fort (1670-1680) - An English Colonial fortified town established in 1670 at Albemarle Point on the west bank of the Ashley River near present-day West Charleston, South Carolina. The name "Charles Towne" was assigned in November 1670 after the English King Charles II. The town was abandoned in 1680 when the population moved to the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers at Oyster Point, present-day Charleston, South Carolina.

Charles Towne Landing Shipbuilding Display
Charles Towne Landing Cannon Display
Charles Towne Landing Cannons Firing.


Charles Towne Landing Earthworks.

Established in 1670 through the efforts of Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper. Two ships, the Carolina and the Three Brothers, arrived in early 1670 with settlers for the new town. The site selected was at Albemarle Point along the Ashley River. The settlers quickly established an earthworks battery and a palisade across the neck of the point enclosing the community.

A 1672 description of the town included some 90 dwellings and a fort with 28 pieces of artillery, 12 of which faced the river. The colonists were not only faced with local threats from hostile Indians and wild animals but the greatest threat and the reason for the numbers of cannons was from the Spanish in Florida.

The townsite was expanded in 1672 but by 1679 the colony had outgrown the original site and the proprietors decided to move across the Ashley River to Oyster Point at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers, the site of present-day Charleston, South Carolina. The move was accomplished in 1680.

Current Status

Now part of the 200 acre Charles Towne Landing exhibition park. The park recreates the some of the components of the original settlement including the fortifications with 6 large replica cannons and the shipyard with a replica ship under construction. Attractions include the firing of two cannons and a squad firing muskets three times daily. Display cannons are in place along the earthworks. Fee required for entrance.

Location: West Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina.

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Lat: 32.80156 Long: -79.98322

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