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Dauphine Redoubt (1712-1960s) - A French Redoubt established in 1712 during Queen Anne's War in present day Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Taken by the British in 1749 and came under Canadian control in 1871. Parts in use through the 1960s.

Dauphine Redoubt
Dauphine Redoubt Separate Officer's Quarters
Dauphine Redoubt


Part of the Harbor Defense of Quebec.

New Barracks

Construction of the Dauphine Redoubt began in 1712 during Queen Anne's War. The war ended with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 and work on the redoubt was suspended. In 1748 French engineer Chaussegros de Léry completed the Redoubt and organized it into barracks, completed a wall enclosing the compound, and lined the lower level wall with a 524' long set of quarters known as the New Barracks. The New Barracks was completed in 1751 and could house up to 400 soldiers as well as a munitions depot. The Redoubt itself was a long masonry and stone building with strong buttresses divided into a two-story section, a three-story section, and a four-story section. The Redoubt stood inside the city wall at the northwest corner.

Artillery Park Gun and Carriage Store

With the British conquest of Quebec in 1759 during French & Indian War, the redoubt became officer's quarters for the Royal Artillery and the New Barracks continued as quarters and shops for the artillery. A fire in 1816 caused the commander of the Royal Artillery to establish his headquarters in the Redoubt. About this time the area above the redoubt came to be known as "Artillery Barracks, Yard and Ordnance Stores" now known as Artillery Park.

With the departure of the British in 1871, the new Canadian government abandoned the barracks until 1879 when they converted the New Barracks into a cartridge factory. The New Barracks became the cartridge factory and the Dauphine Redoubt became the residence of the superintendent. The upper area housed the Arsenal Foundry and a Gun Carriage Store.

Parts of the complex were used into the 1960s.

Current Status

Dauphine Redoubt French Soldier Quarters Recreation

Restored Redoubt with interior interpretive displays for both the French and British periods. The upper Artillery Park has an interpreted Arsenal Foundry and Gun Carriage Store. The lower section still houses the New Barracks. Period guns and carriages on the city walls around the Redoubt.

Location: 22 'A' McMahon St., Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

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