Edmund P. Gaines

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Edmund Pendleton Gaines (1777-1849) - Born in Culpeper County, Virginia, on 20 Mar 1777. Died at New Orleans, Louisiana, 6 Jun 1849.

Edmund P. Gaines

A United States Army Officer who served with distinction during the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars and the Black Hawk War. Awarded the Thanks of Congress, an Act of Congress Gold Medal (outranking a Congressional Medal of Honor), and a brevet promotion to Major General for his actions during the War of 1812. Served in the U.S. Army until his death in New Orleans, 6 Jun 1849. He was interred in the Church Street Graveyard in Mobile, Alabama.

Fort Gaines (1) in Mobile, Alabama is named after him and Fort Ripley (1) in Minnesota was named after him for a time.


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