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Egg Rock Battery (1898-1901) - A temporary Endicott Period coastal gun battery established in 1898 as a result of the Spanish American War on Egg Rock Island in Hancock County, Maine. Abandoned in 1901.

Egg Rock Island
Egg Rock Battery 10-inch Rodman Gun, Front View
Egg Rock Battery 10-inch Rodman Cannons in Agamont Park, Bar Harbor, Maine


Rodman Guns from Egg Rock Battery

The battery on Egg Rock Island was a temporary emplacement of two 10-inch smoothbore Rodman cannons. These guns were emplaced on wooden platforms. The battery was established to protect the entrance to Frenchman Bay and the harbors of Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor. The magazines for this battery were never completed and the cannons were abandoned in place in 1901. This island was very small and contained only a lighthouse in addition to the battery.

Current Status

Egg Rock Battery Plaque

No remains on Egg Rock Island, Hancock County, Maine. The two 10-inch smoothbore cannons were abandoned on the island in 1901 and sporadically maintained by the lighthouse personnel. In 1991 the Coast Guard and the Connecticut National Guard used a "Sky Crane" helicopter to move the huge guns to shore where they were refurbished, supplied with steel mounts and placed in Agamont Park, where they remain. The dedication of the cannons was held 26 Apr 1992.

Location: Egg Rock Island, Hancock County, Maine.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.35390 Long: -68.13817

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  • Elevation: .....'


  • Coast Defense Study Group News, Vol Six, Number 3, August, 1992, page 19


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