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English Camp (1860-1872) - A British post first established during the "Pig War" in 1860 by British Royal Marines at Garrison Bay on San Juan Island, San Juan County, Washington. Abandoned in 1872.

English Camp Blockhouse
English Camp Marine Barracks and Visitor Center (Closed)
English Camp from Officer's Hill
Engish Camp circa 1860, Garden in Foreground


English Camp Storehouse
English Camp Hospital

The British Royal Marines arrived in 1860 in response to an incident on San Juan Island that came to be known as the Pig War. The Pig War involved a territorial dispute between Britain and the United States over who owned the San Juan Islands. The incident that resulted in a military response was sparked by a British pig killed by an American farmer on San Juan Island. No conflict erupted but the result was American Camp on the south end of the San Juan Island and English Camp on the North end of the Island since they both claimed the island. The stalemate lasted until Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany negotiated an agreement in 1872 that gave all the San Juan Islands to the United States. The British Royal Marines left English Camp that same year.

English Camp Commanders

Current Status

Part of San Juan Island National Historical Park is administered by the National Park Service, San Juan Island, San Juan County, Washington. Several buildings including the blockhouse remain. The Royal Marine Cemetery also remains. The British flag is still flown over the post.

Location: San Juan Island National Historical Park,
San Juan Island, San Juan County, Washington.

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Lat: 48.586221 Long: -123.1503975

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