FAA En-Route Radar Site Maintenance Training

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FAA En-Route Maintenance Training Courses (edit list)
Course Equip Title Length Status Classes Notes
40383 ARSR-1/2 ARSR-1/2 En Route Radar System with SSR/DMTI Mod 120 hrs Active None **Cancelled
40668 ARSR-3 ARSR-3 EHOT 328 hrs Active None **Cancelled
40408 ARSR-4 Air Route Surveillance Radar 4 (ARSR-4) Hardware 240 hrs Active None **Cancelled
45342 ARSR-4 ARSR-4 OJT 135 hrs Active N/A
88386001 ARSR-4 ARSR-4 Bypass Exam (R82) 2 hrs Active N/A
40693001 ARSR-4 Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) - 4 EHOT 184 hrs Active Thru FY20
46508001 ARSR-4 CI-33 COMSEC 16 hrs Active None Remote Rekey
47211 ARSR-4 (CBI) ARSR-4 Operations For AFCC Specialists 12 hrs Active N/A
42077001 CARSR Common Air Route Surveillance Radar (CARSR) EHOT 80 hrs Active Thru FY20
42079001 CARSR CARSR For Logistics Center Techs, TSSs, and Mil Personnel 56 hrs Active Thru FY20
43549 CD-2 Common Digitizer (CD-2), Model 2A/B/C/D/E 160 hrs Active None
40675 ATCBI-6/6M ATCBI-6/6M EHOT 120 hrs Active Thru FY20
40398 Mode-S Mode-S Sensor Maintenance 120 hrs Active Thru FY20

  • EHOT - Enhanced Hands-On Training
  • DoP - Demonstration of Proficiency
  • OJT - On the Job Training

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