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Fort Adair (1788-1810s) - A settlers fort established in 1788 near present day Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. Named Fort Adair after John Adair, a Revolutionary War soldier. Abandoned in 1810s. Also known as John Adair's Fort and Adair's Station.

Fort Adair Marker Locale.

History of Fort Adair

Established in 1788 as a settler's stockaded blockhouse fortification by John Adair, who was one of the first settlers in the area. Used as a supply depot to support and encourage the early settlers and for the Cumberland Guard militia at Grassy Valley.

The East Tennessee Militia camped here in January 1814 at the start of the Creek Indian War.

Abandoned as a fortification in 1810s.

Current Status

For Adair 1924 DAR Marker.

A roadside stone marker tablet is in place. A regular state roadside marker was in place but is now missing (May 2016). One article indicates that the fort site was just north of Arby's between the creek and the road. The map below shows the marker location and the indicated fort location site.

Location: North Broadway St, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

Maps & Images

Lat: 36.0263 Long: -83.9274

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