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Fort Alexandria (1821-1867) - A North West Company Fort first established in 1821 at present day Alexandria, British Columbia. Named for Sir Alexander Mackenzie, who explored the upper Fraser River in 1793. Became a Hudson's Bay Company post when the two companies merged in 1822. Abandoned in 1867.

Fort Alexandria Marker

History of Fort Alexandria

A North West Company Fort established in 1821 at end of their Pacific brigade trail. The trail extended from Fort Okanogan at the end of navigation on the Columbia River to Fort Alexandria using overland pack trains. Once at Fort Alexandria the goods were distributed to other post by water, the Fraser river flows right by Fort Alexandria. This was the last post established by the North West Company before it merged with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1822.

The post was abandoned about 1867 when roads were cut through that replaced the need for the Bridade trail and the fort became a farm. The Hudson’s Bay Company relinquished the property in 1881 and in 1915 the buildings were demolished.

Current Status

Fort Alexandria National Historic Site of Canada, no above ground remains, marker only located at Alexandria, British Columbia.

Location: On Hwy 97 at Alexandria, British Columbia. Map point is the marker on Hwy 97.

Maps & Images

Lat: 52.56215 Long: -122.46287

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