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Fort Antes (1776-1783) - A Revolutionary War palisaded settler defense and refuge established in 1776 across the Susquehanna River from the present-day town of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. Named Fort Antes after Lt. Colonel John Henry Antes. Abandoned as a fortification after 1783.


Established in 1776 as a palisaded settler defense and refuge by Lt. Colonel John Antes. The fort was intermittently garrisoned by the Pennsylvania Militia during the war. The fort was abandoned during the "great getaway", a general evacuation ordered by Colonel Hunter in 1778 to escape brutal Indian attacks throughout the Susquehanna Valley. The fort was partially burned by the hostile Indians. Colonel Antes returned and rebuilt his fort.

After the signing of the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which restored peace to the Susquehanna Valley, the fort was allowed to fall into decay.

Current Status

Historical marker for Fort Antes is in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania across the West Branch Susquehanna River from Nippenose Township.

No visible remains of the fort site. One marker site with the marker plaque missing on the east side of the river and one marker site with the plaque in place on the west side of the river.

Location: Jersey Shore, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

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Lat: 41.19875 Long: -77.23597

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