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Fort Armstrong (3) (1816-1845) - A U.S. Army post established in 1816 after the end of the War of 1812 by Colonel George Davenport on Rock Island in Rock Island County, Illinois. Named after John Armstrong, U.S Secretary of War under President James Madison. Finally abandoned in 1845. Part of Rock Island Military Reservation. See also Rock Island Arsenal and Rock Island Barracks.

Fort Armstrong Model


Fort Armstrong Replica Blockhouse

Established 10 May 1816 by Colonel George Davenport and a work force of 600 soldiers and 150 laborers. Built out as a 300 foot square stone and timber fort with blockhouses on three corners. Usually garrisoned by two companies of regular troops.

An Indian factory was added in the spring of 1822 but terminated before the end of that year when the Indian Factory system was discontinued.

The Fort was used as a military headquarters during the Black Hawk War (1832) and was the scene of a cholera outbreak that killed 189 that year. Treaties ending the Black Hawk War were signed with the Ho-Chunk (15 Sep 1832) and Sauk and Fox (21 Sep 1832) at Fort Armstrong.

Fort Armstrong was abandoned by federal troops on 4 May 1836 but continued in use by militia until 1845. The remains of the old fort were destroyed by fires in 1855 and 1859. A replica blockhouse was built in 1916.

Current Status

A replica blockhouse and park on Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois.

Location: Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois. Map point is the replica blockhouse location.

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Lat: 41.5165 Long: -90.5639

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