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Fort Barrington (1751-1780, 1860s) - A British colonial fort established in 1751 in present day McIntosh County, Georgia. Named for British Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Barrington. Abandoned in 1780. Also known as Fort Howe (2).

Fort Barrington History

Established in 1751 as an Indian defense that was a 70' square wood structure with bastions at each corner. In the center was a two story barracks with a lookout tower.

During the Revolutionary War the Fort was captured in 1777 from Patriot forces by the British and renamed Fort Howe (2). Recaptured by Patriot forces in the spring of 1778.

The fort site was occupied by Confederate forces during the U.S. Civil War.

Current Status

State marker only, McIntosh County, Georgia

USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Database Entry: 356895

Location: On the east bank of the Altamaha River in McIntosh County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.4816101 Long: -81.6159423



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