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Fort Bienvenue (1) (1850-1850) - A U.S. Army Fort established in 1850 near present-day Keysville, Hillsborough County, Florida. With the closure of nearby Fort Alafia (1) in May 1850, this fort was renamed Fort Alafia (2).


A U.S. Army post was built during the period between the second and third Seminole War named Fort Bienvenue. This post may have been established sometime in January 1850 but the first available post return is in April 1850. In April and May of 1850, the post was Commanded by Bvt. Captain George W. Rains, (Cullum 1113), 4th U.S. Infantry. At the same time, Captain Rains was also the commander of Fort Alafia (1).

The two posts were about one mile apart about four miles west of the Polk County line in Hillsborough County, Florida. With the closure of the original Fort Alafia (1), Fort Bienvenue was renamed Fort Alafia (2).

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Location: Near Keysville, Hillsborough County, Florida.

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Lat: 27.869533 Long: -82.148392

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  • Post returns available Apr 1850 - May 1850 at (by Subscription)


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