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Fort Billingsport (1776-1781) - A Patriot Revolutionary War fortification established in 1776 in Billingsport, Gloucester County, New Jersey. Named Fort Billingsport after the location. Captured by the British in 1777 and held by them they evacuated Philadelphia in 1781. Returned to Patriot control in 1781 with the British evacuation of Philadelphia. Abandoned as a fortification in 1781 as the war shifted to Virginia.

Delaware River Operations in Oct-Nov 1777. Fort Billingsport in the Lower Left as (K).

History of Fort Billingsport

A Revolutionary War fortification established in 1776 in Billingsport, Gloucester County, New Jersey. Designed by Patriot General Thaddeus Kosciuszko and built but not completed as an earthworks fortification in the spring and summer of 1777. The fort was located on the east bank of the Delaware River downstream from Fort Mifflin and Fort Mercer.

Fort Billingsport was captured and destroyed by the British in October 1777 before they attacked Fort Mifflin and Fort Mercer. Colonel William Bradford, Patriot commander of Fort Billingsport, evacuated the 112 man garrison on 2 Oct 1777. The men and some of the ammunition were transported to Fort Mifflin on boats by two Patriot Marine Lieutenants, William Barney and Dennis Leary.

The British later built a two gun redoubt on the site. The British abandoned the site as they evacuated Philadelphia on 18 Jun 1778.

The Patriots re-occupied the site, rebuilt the fort and manned it until 1781 when the fighting moved to Yorktown, Virginia.

Current Status

No remains, several small marker plaques in Fort Billingsport Public Park.

Location: Fort Billingsport Public Park, Billingsport, Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.84771 Long: -75.25149

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